10 Low-Stress Jobs

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Let’s be honest – most people hate their jobs. Jobs are stressful, anxiety-producing, and oftentimes dull and repetitive. That’s why we’ve decided to compile a list of ten mostly-relaxing careers and jobs. And, in fact, not all of them require a college degree. To compile this list, we first examined the factors that lead to a stressful workplace. They are:

  • Lack of autonomy
  • Lack of correlation between quality of work and payoff
  • Being unable to make ends meet

There are, of course, other factors that can come into play. For instance, someone with social anxiety would be poorly-suited for a hectic, extroverted environment.

Without further ado, here is the list:

1. Librarian

Although running a library is no easy task, the stress and pressure of having to make a profit at the end of the day is non-existent. The same could be said for other jobs, but in this one you have a quiet working environment and the sum total knowledge of the human race at your disposal. Even better: the pay isn’t so bad.

Average salary: $55,370 per year; $26.62 per hour

2. National Park Ranger

If being outside and educating the public about conservation and the natural world appeals to you, consider becoming a national park ranger. Imagine spending your day among trees, wildlife, and the elements – and getting paid to do it!

Average salary: $45,934 per year; $22.08 per hour

3. Conservation Scientist

Like number 3, this job involves lots of time in nature. Unlike number 3, there is significantly less exposure to the public involved. Thus, this job might appeal to more introverted individuals. Being a conservation scientist involves cataloging species of animals and fauna and executing plans to conserve and protect the diversity of the conservation area.

Average salary: $59,060 per year; $28.40 per hour

4. Tour Guide

Depending on where you work, this could be a very fun and stress-free job. Although it can be repetitive, being a tour guide allows you to walk the streets (or trails) of your favorite locales and share your enthusiasm with your clients.

Average salary: $26,020 per year; $12.51 per hour

5. Archivists, Curators, and Museum Workers

Curators and archivists typically manage, protect, and conserve historical and cultural artifacts on behalf of an institution. Museum technicians and conservators prepare and restore these artifacts for display in museum collections and exhibits.

Average salary: $44,410 per year; $21.35 per hour

6. Freelancer

Starting out, this may not be such a low-stress, low-anxiety job. But, after a while, as the clients and money start to pour in, it beats the heck out of working a 9-5 and spending your whole day making money for someone else. Being a freelancer who works over the Internet may also appeal to those with social anxiety and other forms of anxiety.

Average salary: Depends

7. Computer Programmer

Becoming an adept programmer, learning algorithms and data structures, and maintaining and expanding your knowledge of computer science are certainly not easy. But, one with social anxiety would find this job to be ideal, as much of the communication involved is mediated through the computer (email, IM, etc).

Average salary: $74,280 per year; $35.71 per hour

8. Graphic Designer

Regardless if you work for a company or for yourself, being a graphic designer involves plenty of solitude. Unlike being a programmer, however, graphic design involves much more creativity and aesthetic sense.

Average salary: $44,150 per year; $21.22 per hour

9. Web Developer

Another job which can involve less social contact is that of web developer. If you’re familiar with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and/or PHP, you could make a living without having to socialize much, especially if you work in-house for a company.

Average salary: $62,500 per year; $30.05 per hour

10. Not Working at All!

There are many ways to not work. The best way is to inherit wealth.

Average salary: $???; $??? per hour

There you have it! Ten (nine, really) jobs with decent pay and low stress. (Note: All wage statistics come from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Find them at BLS.gov.)

What’s your job? Is it stressful? Do you feel anxious during or after work? What sorts of jobs do you think would be less stressful and anxiety-inducing? Leave a comment and join the discussion!

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