A2X Anxiety

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A2X Anxiety is manufactured by Impact Nutraceuticals and is designed to lessen the symptoms associated with anxiety, depression, and stress. The company claims to have invested many resources into designing this supplement, and claims the product is a simple, natural alternative for the relief of anxiety that is made from natural ingredients, including herbs.

The following article provides a complete A2X Anxiety review. It examines everything from its ingredients to its believed and actual relief, side effects, product reviews, and where A2X can be purchased. Read on to find out if A2X is the right anti-anxiety supplement for you!

Analysis of Ingredients

Ingredient Description
Passion Flower Extract Studies have found that using passionflower is just as effect as the medication Serax for treating the symptoms of anxiety and stress. However, it can take up to 7 days to fill the full therapeutic effect.
Ashwagandha Root Powder Studies have found that this Indian herb can be used to relieve stress, as well as protect brain cells from potential negative effects associated with our modern lifestyles.
L-Theanine Found in green tea, l-theanine consumption has been associated with the relief of stress.
Vitamin B6 Also known as pyridoxine, vitamin B6 helps stabilize the lactate levels in the body. This is important because abnormal lactate levels can trigger anxiety attacks. Vitamin B6 has also been shown to help reduce mild depression and enhance the efficacy of prescription antidepressants.
Vitamin B12 B12 plays a crucial role in regulating the nervous system, thus reducing stress and depression. When B12 levels are low, it can also cause depression to develop or worsen.
Magnesium Magnesium has been shown to nourish the nervous system, which helps prevent anxiety, nervousness, and fear. In addition, deficiencies in magnesium have been found to contribute to worsening anxiety. It is also important to note that the body uses up extra magnesium during periods of extreme stress.
Calcium Calcium is necessary for healthy brain function, as well as for the nervous system to operate correctly. When a calcium deficiency is present, it significantly increases the likelihood of an anxiety attack and moodiness.

Supporting Scientific Evidence

Though there have been no scientific studies completed on A2X to validate whether or not it effectively treats anxiety, stress, or depression, there is scientific evidence that backs up the positive impact the individual ingredients will have on these conditions. Here is a list of the studies supporting an empirically-sound anxiolytic benefit associated with the ingredients found within A2X:

Side Effects

Although the manufacturer does not list any possible side effects, there are more than 200 reviews for A2X. According to a small group of users, A2X can result in insomnia. Please be aware that one reviewer, who suffers from diabetes, reports her blood sugar skyrocketed after taking A2X, despite the fact there had been no change in her dietary habits. A second reviewer reported that her oxygen levels dropped drastically after taking the supplement. However, it is important to take these claims at face value, since it is not possible to verify the accuracy of the statements made by reviewers.

The truth of the matter is that many companies compete against each other in the anti-anxiety supplement market, and some may make untrue statements about the others due to the ease of access provided by the Amazon review system. All in all, we can make no claims about the side effect profile of A2X, but we do recommend – as always – seeing for yourself how a particular supplement affects you and taking action based on that information. For many customers, we anticipate that there will be no negative side effects associated with taking a supplement that is produced in a facility which conforms to federal guidelines and practices.

Safety Information

According to the manufacturer, A2X is a supplement and is not intended to cure, diagnose, prevent, or treat any disease. Additionally, it is always recommended that you speak with a licensed physician prior to starting A2X or any other dietary supplement, particularly if you have a chronic medical condition or take routine medications. Your primary healthcare provider will be able to work together with you to ensure that a particular supplement’s ingredients do not cause any undue harm due to other conditions or negative interactions between prescription medications and the supplement. When in doubt, talk to your doctor!

Customer Reviews

When examining the customer reviews, it becomes apparent that A2X works extremely well for some people and not at all for others. Around ¾ of reviewers leave comments that frequently include “works great, I’m calmer and more relaxed, focused, and peaceful”, “finally something that actually controls my stress and anxiety without the fear of addiction”, and “I would highly recommend A2X to others.”

However, a smaller number of reviewers report “there’s no change”, “it doesn’t work at all”, and “I sent it back for a refund.” Ultimately, the only way you can know for certain if A2X works for you is by trying it. Keep in mind that different body chemistry and individual situations can alter its impact from one person from another.

Where to Purchase A2X Anxiety

A2X can be purchased through Amazon and includes a 30 day money back guarantee with no questions asked. Here’s the link:

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