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Panic Away: A Personal Review

Panic Away is one of the many different anti-anxiety self-help programs on the Internet today. It was created and designed by Barry McDonagh after he experienced his first panic attack as a young man. Many of us – including yours

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The 5 Most Relaxed Cities in the World

Modern life is hectic. Jobs are stressful. Commuting adds another layer of unnecessary anxiety to our everyday lives. But, what if there are places in the world where people are actually relaxed? A novel concept, we realize. Let’s find out

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Full Spectrum Lamps for SAD

Author: Ezra Melvin Since we are in the midst of the dark, cold winter months, I thought it would be prudent to discuss a particular disorder which affects a not-insignificant portion of the population: Seasonal affective disorder, also known as

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Listening to Binaural Beats can Reduce Anxiety

Author of image: DPic. Licensed under CC 3.0. Author: Ezra Melvin It may sound unbelievable, but certain kinds of auditory effects known as binaural beats can reduce anxiety and the symptoms associated with anxiety, according to medical science researchers. But

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Gardening: An Anti-Anxiety Technique

Photograph by jonsson from Göteborg, Sweden. Licensed under CC 2.0. The title of this article may have surprised you: How on earth can something like gardening have any effect whatsoever on your anxiety levels? The truth is that any activity

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10 Natural Alternatives to Valium

We all know just how dangerous Valium and other benzodiazepines like Xanax can be. While they certainly do end anxiety symptoms quickly, they also come with a lot of nasty side effects such as dependence, massive changes to the central

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60 Second Panic Solution Review

Review by Ezra Melvin I was first introduced to the 60 Second Panic Solution by a close friend of mine who has been struggling with anxiety for some time now. He was rather excited to tell me about it, and

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Home Remedies for Anxiety

The best natural anxiety remedies are the ones you can implement in the comfort of your own home on your own time. In this short article, we will present a few different kinds of remedies you can apply at home

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Creating an Anti-Anxiety Daily Routine

Having a concrete sense of routine in daily life could help you overcome certain anxiety symptoms you are experiencing. The two keywords are consistency and constancy. Establishing a daily routine will help you to implement these two things in your

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Foods for Anxiety

Modern psychiatry and psychology often miss the biological and nutritional basis of mental health. What does that mean? It means that every time an anxious individual is prescribed a benzodiazepine or other potentially damaging medication, the possibility exists that the

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