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Low Cost Therapy for Anxiety

Where to Turn to for Affordable Mental Healthcare Using therapy to treat your anxiety is a great way to solve the problem for good, especially if you combine it with a natural anxiety supplement to alleviate or diminish the symptoms

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Panic Away: A Personal Review

Panic Away is one of the many different anti-anxiety self-help programs on the Internet today. It was created and designed by Barry McDonagh after he experienced his first panic attack as a young man. Many of us – including yours

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The Free CBT Workbook Mega List

While there are many great workbooks for CBT on Amazon, I thought it would be helpful to share with you all a great list of the many free cognitive behavioral therapy workbooks around the web. These workbooks are great for

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My Firsthand Experience with the Panic Miracle Program: A Personal Review

Reviewed by Ezra Melvin I am always on the hunt for new programs which can effectively help those with anxiety to overcome it in the most affordable and efficacious way possible. To that end, I recently came across the Panic

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Choosing a Therapist for Anxiety: An Essential Checklist

Choosing the right therapist for your anxiety condition is absolutely critical. A bad therapist can not only prevent the condition from being treated, but also make it worse. That’s why we’ve compiled a checklist of steps for you to follow

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Benzodiazepine Withdrawal

Chemical formula of a Benzodiazepine

As we covered in our first article on benzodiazepines , benzodiazepine withdrawal and dependency are major problems. Due to the shortsightedness and ignorance of medical “professionals” who prescribe these drugs for long-term periods, benzodiazepine withdrawal becomes a painful and long

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a therapeutic approach which emphasizes the use of mindfulness to uncover the hidden mental processes which influence negative thoughts and behaviors. Contents Description Finding a Therapist CBT Books Scientific Studies Further Reading Related Articles Description

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