Creating an Anti-Anxiety Daily Routine

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Having a concrete sense of routine in daily life could help you overcome certain anxiety symptoms you are experiencing. The two keywords are consistency and constancy. Establishing a daily routine will help you to implement these two things in your life and assist you in establishing a sense of solid ground beneath your feet, something which often feels lacking during panic attacks and with other anxiety symptoms.

Establishing a daily routine can also help you integrate healthier practices into your life. Sleep, for instance, is an area in which many of us suffer a deficit. With a well-thought out routine, sleep, proper and healthy meals, and time for relaxation and recreation can all be included in even the busiest of days.

So, how do you go about creating such a schedule? A good first step is to identify what your priorities are. What is most important to you? Decreasing the magnitude and frequency of your anxiety symptoms is probably high up on the list. Maybe getting in shape is another one. Or spending more time with family and friends. Whatever your priorities, determining what they are prior to writing down a routine will help you formulate it.

Here is an example of such a list of priorities:

  • Getting more sleep at night
  • Eating healthier
  • Spending more time with family and friends
  • Learning a new skill or picking up a new hobby

You will notice that I didn’t include “Eliminating anxiety” on the list. The idea is this: If you accomplish the goals you have set for yourself, the anxiety will dissipate as a side effect of your success. Depending on the type of anxiety you have, that may not always be the case, but for instances where life in general is making you anxious and stressing you out, focusing on positive priorities rather than negative ones will in the long term help you eliminate those symptoms.

It is possible to be have both an organized AND an exciting life. You can have the best of both worlds without sacrificing your mental health. Anxiety, stress, and uncertainty may be facts of life, but it is feasible to bring them under control in support of your long term goals.

Thus, creating a consistent routine for yourself can drastically reduce the incident rate of panic attacks and other unwelcome anxiety symptoms. So, here’s a bit of homework for you: go find a notepad and a pen, and come up with a list of your priorities at this moment in your life. That will give you a great starting point. Good luck!

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