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Securus is an anti-anxiety supplement formulated – according to its manufacturer – to fight stress, anxiety, and all of the symptoms that typically accompany these ailments. It is currently produced and distributed by Nature’s Elixir, an Amazon seller. According to the product’s marketing, its focus is on reducing the physical symptoms of anxiety and stress, slowing down racing thoughts, promoting good and peaceful sleep, and acting in this capacity very quickly – typically within 15 to 20 minutes. In order to give you more information about the product and to help you make an informed decision about whether or not to purchase it, we’ve compiled this supplement research report detailing the active ingredients, the reviews, the scientific evidence supporting its effects, and safety information. We’ll also go over where to purchase Securus – it’s an over the counter (OTC) supplement that does not require a prescription. Read on to learn more!

Doctor Anderson, a specialized stress relief doctor, has worked for years with anxiety disorders, and found himself exhausted with the process of cycling through medicines with his clients- and decided to make a switch. The result? Securus, an anti-anxiety supplement currently available for purchase online. To begin, let’s take a look at the active ingredients and see how they might promote an anxiolytic effect.

Analysis of Ingredients

The best part about Securus – according to its manufacturer – is that it’s “all natural, completely safe, and formulated by a trained, specialized psychologist that guarantees that you’ll get the relief that you need without unnatural chemicals, sedatives and other substances that modify your brain chemistry, and ruin your life with dependency issues.” But does the product actually back up these big claims? To separate fact from fiction, our researchers decided to investigate the product’s actual ingredients in order to see whether or not the fundamentals can actually back up these claims.

In particular, we wanted to investigate the potential side effects and anti-anxiety benefit produced by the ingredients. The following table details the different types of ingredients featured in the product in order to give you the inside scoop on how they can affect brain functioning and promote a sense of calm. Firstly, we list the name of the ingredient. Then, we define it and explain how it can help with anxiousness and other unsavory symptoms of anxiety and stress.

Here are a few of the active ingredients that you’ll find in Securus:

Ingredient Description
GABA As a naturally occurring brain chemical, it’s amazing when taken by mouth to relieve anxiety, improve your mood, and relieve the symptoms of PMS, ADHD, and even promote muscle growth, fat burning, and a general feeling of well-being.
Kava Kava This root has been used as a medicine by the people of the South Pacific for centuries to promote a calm mind, with similar effects as diazepam and other stress-relievers, without negative side effects.
Valerian Root Valerian Root is one of the most common sleep medicines that exist in modern medicine. It’s typically used when people are addicted to sleeping pills and looking for relief. Additionally, it has an anxiolytic benefit, and thus it finds its way into many over the counter anxiety supplements.
L-Theanine L-Theanine is a naturally occurring amino acid used to treat anxiety, high blood pressure, and Alzheimer disease. You’ll also find it in a variety of sources, including green tea.
Borage The seeds from this important plant are typically used for anti-stress medicines, but they also cure a wide variety of other ailments- like alcoholism, pain and swelling, heart diseases and stroke, as well as PMS, diabetes, and ADHD.
Lavender Lavender is one of the most common anti-stress, relaxation, and sleep inducing herbs on the planet. Because it’s all natural, it works better than any other type of relaxation medicine out there, without making you sick or dependent.
Lemon Peel The peel of a lemon contains as many essential nutrients in them as the juice and pulp, like calcium, vitamin C, and even potassium that improves your blood-flow, increasing your overall sense of well-being.
Passion Flower Passion Flower has been recently used to help those with insomnia, GI or digestion problems, anxiety, nervousness, and generalized anxiety disorder.

We also found it important to highlight that Securus is a vegan supplement – meaning, no animal products were used in its design or manufacture. If you are vegetarian or vegan, this should be a good win for you!

Supporting Scientific Evidence

We think it’s important that a particular supplement is able to defend its claims with science and empirical evidence promoting the use of its ingredients in combating anxiety. To that end, we’ve looked for research studies that promote the application of the active ingredients in the product. Here are the studies that we uncovered:

Although Securus has these studies supporting its efficacy, you’ll definitely want to consider the product for yourself prior to assuming it will be effective in every situation – after all, everyone has a different body chemistry.

Side Effects

In general, we were unable to uncover any major side effects associated with Securus. However, this observation does not mean that you will never experience side effects – it simply means that they are uncommon and generally not associated with this product.

Safety Information

Like all medicines, you should avoid this supplemental anti-anxiety medication if you’re pregnant, breast-feeding, or think you might be pregnant. Stop use of this product if you notice any negative side effects, but our researchers believe that this occurrence will be quite rare given the lack of customer complaints related to side effects.

Customer Reviews

Nearly all of the customers of this product rave about how well it has helped them curb their anxiety and get the relief that they deserve. In fact, less than ten percent of reviews have reported anything negative about this supplement. However, keep in mind that reviews can be paid for by the company creating the product – just be sure to use your own judgement.

Where to Purchase Securus

Securus is available for immediate purchase without a prescription online today at Amazon:

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2 comments on “Securus
  1. Nohorita says:

    Well, I may not be 17 anymore, but I do know what it’s like to have strses, depression and anxiety hit you all at once, and I do know how hard it can be. I also do not want any medication.All these things run in my family and sadly enough, most of them have become dependent on the medication. I have promised myself that I would never let that happen to me.Sometimes I break out into these horrible moods one minute, the next I’m crying my eyes out, and the next I just want to be left alone. That is no way for any person to live. You need support from loved ones to help out a little. We all need some help sometimes and the first step at helping depression in wanting to get better. I have chosen away to help myself, but I also ask others around me to be patient with me, it is a long process. I have been dealing with this in my life for years now, but slowly it is getting better.I realize this is a long answer, but I know a lot about this topic, and it saddens me to know that too many people suffer from this illness. In some cases, people need medication due to the chemical imbalance. Some just need learn that they have the power to overcome this. That is what I’m choosing to do, and so far I’m getting there.You are 17 years old and life can get better or much much worse. Always think to yourself, you are much greater then the strses, the pain, and the worries that you deal with everyday. School can be tough on people, but always know you can only do so much to please people. Try pleasing yourself, worry about yourself.Take one day at a time and just know that the horrible day will not last forever, and try not to bring your worries to the next days, that is the past and there is nothing you can do to change that.

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