The 5 Most Relaxed Cities in the World

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Modern life is hectic. Jobs are stressful. Commuting adds another layer of unnecessary anxiety to our everyday lives. But, what if there are places in the world where people are actually relaxed? A novel concept, we realize. Let’s find out where the most relaxed places in the world are.

To determine the most relaxed cities, we first examined the happiest and least-stressed countries on the planet. Then, we dug a little further to find out where the oasis of their relaxation resides. Our findings may surprise you.

Starting from number 5:

5. Portland, Oregon

Portland - Relaxing City

Portland, OR, USA

Portland is a US city known for its excellent quality of life. Outstanding nature experiences and parks are within the city limits, and the downtown area is host to a clean, well-established city core that features authentic local culture and plenty of interesting things to do. Overall, people in the Portland area have access to a variety of parks and green space, clean air, and a quality of life that is second to none in the United States.

4. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen - Relaxing City

Copenhagen, Denmark

The fourth ranked city on our list is Copenhagen, the most populous and the capital city in Denmark. The quality of life enjoyed by the citizens of Copenhagen is well above par in the world, and they have access to a variety of cultural and lifestyle opportunities. This seems to be a trend among European cities in general.

3. Nerja, Málaga, Spain

Nerja - Relaxing City

Nerja, Spain

The next city on our list is Nerja, a coastal town in the Costa del Sol region of southern Spain. Nerja’s stunning architecture stems from its past as an Islamic settlement in Spain prior to the expulsion of Muslims from Spain in the Middle Ages. The town is known for its easy access to the beach, outstanding weather, and excellent quality of life.

2. Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik - Relaxing City

Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik is the capital and most populated city of Iceland. Its residents enjoy a great quality of life with easy access to relaxing thermal hot springs, along with a cultural nexus in the downtown area. Overall, Icelanders enjoy access to a high standard of living and an excellent social net that makes life that much less stressful for the citizens of this nation.

1. Sydney, Australia

Sydney - Relaxing City

Sydney, Australia

Coming in at number 1 is Sydney, Australia. The Land of Oz is also home to some very happy people. Sydney is a vibrant city with tons of culture and things to do. To top it all off, it has impeccable (and often sunny) weather. What’s not to love about this marvelous metropolis?

Did We Miss Any?

If you think your city should be on this list, then let us know in the comments section below. Otherwise, it may be time to book a one-way ticket to X!

Please note: This list was not constructed from any sort of objective criteria. The authors accept no responsibility if you end up flying to one of these places and hating it.

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